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Albums/Farewell VESIT - Batch of 2008 

VESIT Computers 2008

Our Family - Arjun, Me, Aatish, Swayam

With Kanade Sir...

Arjun, Pande, Ankit Shah, Me and Aquil

Fighting for Dube

Tanveer, Me and Swayam

Most amazing category : TCS REJECTS...

Swayam, Tanveer, Arjun and Ankit Mody

Rohan Kuruvilla, Chinmay and Harshal

Future Toppers...

Do I need to say anything

With somebody at the basin ...

Boys in LAB 107...

D17 boys in D7

Girls of '08 ...

Group with Tikamkar ...

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Title: Farewell VESIT - Batch of 2008
Date: 26th April 2008
Photos: 17
Comments: Some of the few selected of thousands. I guess People were intrested more in the pictures than the event itself.
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