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Well this page is dedicated to all my Friends... for their help and support !!! [Click Here to view a special Photos-with-Story album abt my college frndz]
Without whom I would not - have had the best time in my life, some amazing outings (Class Picnics ;) !!!), be able to tolerate the boring lectures in college ;), have completed assignments on time, passed in the class tests, have office breaks which last long - really long, had a full day on my office chat and getting paid for that ;) ... and a lot more ...

I would also like to mention a special Thanks to my Parents and Sister (Preeti) without whom I wouln't have been what I am now.


 http://nehabehl.com/ - Neha Behl
 http://arjunb.co.nr/ - Arjun Bhattacharjee
 http://bhavikvora.com/ - Bhavik Vora
 http://imtushar.com/ - Tushar Phadke
 http://cbarve.co.nr/ - Chinmay Barve
 http://swayamkhialani.spaces.live.com/ - Swayamprakash Khialani
 http://aatishmandelecha.spaces.live.com/ - Aatish Mandelecha
 http://kamalp.wordpress.com/ - Kamal Prithiani
 http://aquilamirjalia.tripod.com/ - Aquil Amir Jalia
 http://www.imvinay.co.nr/ - Vinay Vasyani
 http://www.tanveerarora.co.nr/ - Tanveer Arora
 http://www.dhavalbonde.co.nr/ - Dhaval Bonde
 http://www.ashishlalla.co.nr/ - Ashish Lalla

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